Living art tattoo studio specialize in body piercings and tattoo’s helping their community of Colorado Springs because 2001. they sale body jewelry and aftercare. The grey and black, old school, new school, conventional and more of custom tattoo.
A tattoo is some of those decisions that you just wish to be absolutely 150% certain about. Feeling uncertain? Then it is not time for you to obtain one. Not just do you wish to be sure you 1) undoubtedly need a tattoo and 2) like the design you desire, but it is equally as important to become confident with the place doing the tattooing.
You may not recognize Living Arts is there, concealed on Mechanic Street about the second floor of an office building. they looking at reviews via a Google search and did some easy research, had learned about the local tattoo parlor. Once filled with this preliminary research, it was time.

The store, although eclectic in ways befitting to some Tattoo parlor, is clean & well-ordered. Appointments are pre-scheduled and customers are given the personal attention one would need when adding a lasting mark for their body by the artists. My buddy, who was getting his first tattoo, drifted into Living Arts with a design in mind, however wanting a little focus on the details. The staff promptly put him at ease and was very welcoming. They had his design waiting for him and put up a consultation for the next day. Your day of the visit, they worked together to master the final minute details- establishing the best size and precise positioning of his tattoo.

The whole process took about 45 minutes and Steve, the tattoo artist, did his best to keep a comfortable and serene feeling to stay any first-time nerves. We chetheyd the fat about town, and my buddy was commended by Steve on his cool & collected manner. Time passed swiftly with dialogue and the tattoo was not incomplete, before they knew it. Living Arts supplied a take home sheet about the best way to take care of tor the tattoo although it cures and replied all of their questions. The design came out just as planned and my buddy was enjoyed see his vision end up being truth.